28.07.2016 - Neonatal Research Unit @ Metabolomics 2016

This month Julia Kuligowski presented the latest results on metabolomics at the 12th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society in Dublin. Pdf copies of the lecture slides and poster are ready for download and more information on the event can be found in the IIS Newsletter.

04.07.2016 - The HYPOTOP Race HYPOTOP

The latest recruitment scores of the Hospitals participating in the HYPOTOP Trial. 87 patients have already been recruited for the study!


24.05.2016 - ALBINO Trial

The Neonatal Research Unit will participate in a European research consortium with the aim of reducing brain damage of newborns suffering from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. More information can be found in the IIS Newsletter and a newspaper article.

18.04.2016 - Why are babies sleeping in boxes?

The head of the Neonatal Research Unit Dr. Máximo Vento explains in the newspaper El País how this initiative helps to diminish infant mortaility in developing countries.

10.11.2015 - Congratulations to our new PhDs

We are happy to announc that this autumn three of our group members successfully defended their PhD Thesis. Congratulations to María Cernada, María Gormáz and Marta Aguar.

14.05.2015 - Updates Homepage

The homepage has been updated. We are happy to welcome new members in our team. Summaries of our ongoing clinical trials and research projects have been updated and downloads are now available.

02.03.2015 -  Distinction of PhD thesis of Raquel Escrig at the University  of Valencia

We are proud to announce that Raquel Escrig from the Neonatal Research Unit was awarded the "Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado 2013-2014 (Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia)" for her PhD thesis entitled "Estrés oxidativo en la hipoxia/reoxigenación de la transición fetal neonatal. Reanimación del recién nacido prematuro con concentraciones bajas de oxígeno". More information can be found here.

09.10.2014 -  Micah Bachelor Award for Excellence in Children's Health Research

The project "Exploratory Trial of Automatic Control of Inspired Oxygen to Reduce Retinopathy of Prematurity and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Preterm Infants" was awarded the Micah Bachelor Award sponsored by the Miller School of Medicine (Miami University). This project is lead by Dr. Nelson Claure from the Department of Neonatology at Miami University. The Neonatal Research Unit will collaborate in this project by testing the clinical impact of an automatic system for controlling the inspired oxygen fraction during resuscitation of preterm newborns. Biological samples will be collected and biomarcers of oxidative stress and neuronal damage will be determined. More information can be found here.

Miami University

07.10.2014 -  Presentations now available on-line

Pdf-versions of the power-point slides from recent lectures at conferences are now available for download. At the European Workshop on Neonatal Transition held in Prato (Italy) organized by the Rithie Center from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), Máximo Vento gave an overview over the basic aspects of oxidative metabolism for neonatologists (English). At the SEINAP meeting held in Madrid, the topic were specific aspects of nutritional investigation in neonatology (Español).

European Workshop on Neonatal Transition       SEINAP Meeting

30.09.2014 - Neonatal Research Unit @ SENeo

The neonatal research unit participated with several oral presentations in the II Jornada de Investigación de Medicina Perinatal of the Sociedad Española de Neonatología. Different sessions on experimental research, clinical research and standardized clinical protocols were covered in this meeting.


25.09.2014 - HYPOTOP Trial: Incorporation of 4 Hospitals in Andalucía

Recruitment for the HYPOTOP trial will be backed up by the Hospitals Virgen del Rocío, Carlos Haya, Puerta del Mar and Reina Sofía in Andalucía. Last 25.09. the opening meeting was held in Sevilla.


25.-26.09.2014 - Neonatal Research Unit @ Workshop in Environmental Omics

In the frame of this workshop relevant topics of different omics techniques for their application in environmental analysis and other fields of research were discussed. International experts were invited to give lectures on the core topics, such as metabolomics, mass spectrometry based omics, chemometrics and fluxomics and posters were presented in two sessions.

19.09.2014 -  HYPOTOP Trial: Incorporation of H. Vall d'Hebrón

This month another center will start to collaborate in the sample collection of the HYPOTOP trial. During the opening meeting last doubts could be discussed and the documentation for the trial was handed over.


04.07.2014 -  HYPOTOP Trial: Incorporation of 4 Hospitals in Madrid

The documentation as well as sample collection kits and drugs were handed over to the PIs of H. La Paz, H. Gregorio Marañón, H. 12 de Octubre and H. Quirón in Madrid. The start of the sample collection is scheduled for September.


30.06.2014 - Neonatal Research Unit @ Meeting of the Research Network on Maternal and Child Health and Development (RED SAMID)

On June 25th our group attended the meeting of the research network SAMID. The agenda included the annual report of the coordinator followed by a summary of future goals of each workpackage of the network. Finally, the research groups presented current results from their experimental studies and clinical trials.


04.06.2014 - Neonatal Research Unit @ 29th International Workshop on Surfactant Replacement

From May 30th to May 31st, the 29th International Workshop on Surfactant Replacement was organized by Máximo Vento. Over 300 researchers assisted to the meeting and presented the newest advances in the field of surfactant replacement in oral and poster sessions. Our group participated presented oral presentations and posters available for download. Fotos are now on-line in our Gallery.

03.06.2014 - Monitorization of mice pubs

We are currently developing a mouse model to study fetal to neonatal transition in mice pubs born under hypoxic conditions. The experiments requiere handling of mice pubs of one day of life, which is not easy, as they are very small and fragile. The acquisition of special equipment allows the monitorization of physiological parameters as shown in this video.

05.05.2014 - Neonatal Research Unit @ 205th IRDG Meeting

In April, the 205th meeting of the Infrared and Raman Discussion group was held in Vienna, Austria. Fotos from the event can be found in our Gallery and the poster is now available for download.

04.12.2013 - Financial Support from the Laerdal Foundation

The Neonatal Research Unit will receive funding from the Laerdal Foundation. The financial support from the Norwegian institution will be used to hire a laboratory technician for carrying out bioanalytical determinations within the frame of a multicenter clinical trial. More information can be found in the IIS Newsletter.

03.12.2013 - Carmen y Severo Ochoa grant 2013

Consuelo Cháfer achieved the Carmen y Severo Ochoa postdoctoral fellowship 2013 for carrying out her studies at the Neonatal Research Unit. She will start her investigations in early 2014 - Media.

16.10.2013 - María Cernada wins Cármen Pedraz Award 2013

On 3.10.2013 María Cernada received the Cármen Pedraz award at the yearly meeting of the Spanish Society of Neonatology (SEN) held in Barcelona for her study focusing on genome-wide expression profiles in very low birth-weight infants with neonatal sepsis - Gallery.

15.10.2013 - Neonatal Research Unit @ ESPR 2013

Posters are now ready for download. Fotos can be found in the Gallery.

04.09.2013 - Neonatal Research Unit @ Euroanalysis XVII

Slides of the oral contribution and posters are now ready for download.