Mood Trainer

Mood Trainer is an APP to assess cognitive abilities such as selective attention, processing speed, and inhibitory control, as well as emotional dysregulation. This E-Health is an original tool to detect and train cognitive and emotional impairments in toddlers.


Skin-to-Skin Contact

Early skin to skin contact is an official recommendation of international organizations for children at term but, so far no benefit has been demonstrated preterm infants. This study aims to investigate the benefits and risks of this practice in late preterm infants, evaluating cardiorespiratory adaptation and postpartum stress.

Caffeine citrate in Treatment of Premature Infants

Caffeine is one of the most used drugs in neonatology. In literature benefits of using caffeine in preterm infants with bradycardia and apneic syndrome and in premature babies with mechanical ventilation have been described. However, no previous studies on dosage and side effects of its use have been carried out. Therefore, in this European multicenter study we evaluate the dose of caffeine used and its side effects in premature infants.


This is a European multicentre epidemiological study on the use of sedation and analgesia in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.


Nannytex is a smart textile for monitoring vital signs (temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and body position) in babies. The system has a base to store the parameters and can activate the alarm in high risk situations for the baby. At the base there is a screen to watch the vital signs. The information can be sent to the parent´s smartphone.