CernadaMaría Cernada Badía


Phone: +34 96 124 56 88

She obtained her Bachelor´s degree in Medicine at the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2005. Between 2006 and 2010 she completed her pediatric residency at the HUiP La Fe in Valencia, specializing in the field of neonatology. During 2010 she enjoyed a foreign fellowship at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Columbus, OH, USA) gaining experience in clinical research. In October 2010 she obtained a grant from the Health Research Institute of the University and Polytechnic Hospital La Fe (ISS La Fe) and joined the Perinatal Research Group of the IIS La Fe under the supervision of Dr. Máximo Vento as a research fellow, where she is currently developing her PhD.

She is a member of the Castrillo Group (infectious diseases) of the Spanish Society of Neonatology since 2010. Her research has been focused on neonatal infectious diseases and genomic diagnostic tools.

Current research projects

GENEX study to evaluate gene expression profiles in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis.

CandiNeo of SAMID net study to early diagnosis of invasive candidemia in very low weight preterm infants.

VRS study to determinate viremia and gene expression profiles in neonates infected with respiratory syncytial virus.

SONSURE trial: Prospective evaluation of a minimal invasive technique for surfactant administration.

PRESOX trial: Extremely low gestational age neonates randomly assigned to be blindly resuscitated with 21% vs. 60% oxygen: influence upon mortality and chronic conditions in the neonatal period.

Most relevant publications

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