escobarJavier Escobar

He obtained his Bachelor´s degree in Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2002. During the course 2004/2005 he enjoyed a European PreDoctoral "Marie Curie" Fellowship at the Departament of Genetics at Warsaw University (Poland) where he got the degree of Master of Science (MsC) in Molecular Biology in 2005. In 2005 he moved to Valencia where he started his PhD at the Departament of Physiology at the University of Valencia working on acute pancreatitis, inflammation and oxidative stress in experimental models under the supervision of Prof. Juan Sastre. He finished his PhD in 2009 and after that he joined the Perinatal Research Group of the Health Research Institute at the Hospital La Fé (IIS La Fé) led by Dr. Máximo Vento, director of the research group and head of the Intensive Care Service of the Neonatal Unit of the "New La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital of Valencia". Since then his research has been focused on oxygen toxicity in neonatal resuscitation. He has good skills in molecular biology, biochemistry and specially in the fields of oxidative stress and inflammation. Since 2012 he enjoys a "Sara Borrell" posdoctoral fellowship of the Health Istitute Carlos III at the Perinatal Research Group of the IIS La Fé.

Most relevant publications

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