marinPurificación Marín Reina


Phone: +34 96 124 56 88

She graduated in Medicine from the University of Valencia in 2004. Between 2005 and 2009 she completed her pediatric residency at the HUiP La Fé in Valencia, specializing in the field of neonatology. Since 2012, she is forming part of the Neonatal Research Unit, participating in research projects focusing on the infant sudden death and Genetics and Dysmorphology. During 2012 she enjoined a foreign fellowship at the Institute of Clinical Genetics in Zürich gaining experience in clinical research. Since 2009 she is a member of the Spanish Pediatric Society, the Spanish Neonatal Society and the Spanish Dysmorphology Society.


Current research projects

Nannytex study: Non invasive monitoring system for babies.

Systematic collection of samples from fetuses and newborns with congenital malformations and storage Biobank.

Collaboration and co-investigator with the Department of Public Health in Valencia: The minimum data set as a source of identification of congenital anomalies in Valencia. Principal Investigator: Carmen Martos.